At the 24th of May 2016,
Hinke de Klerck,
passed away at her own home during her sleep

Born July 7,1930




Everyone knows, one day, my mother will die.
Everyone, but we, knows it.
Then, the day comes, it is a fact.

Hinke de Klerck - Stegeman,
Initiator of the first hour of Stichting Gamrupa Europe, secretary of the association and of course my mother, passed away on the 24th of May in the age of 85 years.

Until the last day she was fully involved in the association and interested in all that is happening in The Gambia.
She asked on Sunday about the young men who would drive all the way to Sindian (Senegal) in the sponsor drive.
She wanted to know about all the projects and its progress.

Now, we will keep her in our minds and hearts as the wonderful, interesting and most great woman she has been.

We will miss her,



Ellen Meulenveld

We develop nobody!
People develop themselves!
But we support development!

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