We are back again from our warm second home country.  It is not easy when you consider that we there sometimes had 40 degrees C while we here have -10 degrees.  Snow is something that you cannot explain, and after we had shown photos of snow in Hinke's garden and tried to describe it, Sorry's judgement was "Dangerous."
Everything that they do not know is dangerous, thus also snow.

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In Gambia it rains only for five months of the year. From mid-June to mid-October it is a real rainy season. The rest of the year it is dry. In the dry season it is increasingly difficult to get sufficient clean water for household and hygiene. 

In the project "Water for the Village" Gamrupa wants to help with the construction off water tanks, where during the rainy season water can be collected and stored for the dry season. The project "Drinking Water for the Village" is implemented in cooperation with "Stichting Vrienden Holten-Bedanda". The filled water jar

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Sunday 23 september you can find us at the braderie in Heist-op-den-Berg.

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Dear all,
To our outstanding surprise we, Stichting Gamrupa Europe, were invited to join the race for an Award of the newspaper NRC / NRC Next. We gladly accepted the challenge.

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Thanks to the daily reports of Ellen, we were there when the ambulance was driven to The Gambia

Now also images of this voyage

Account of the journey on TV
Thursday, April 26, broadcast of EO, "Nederland helpt" to 17 h.
for Belgium watch Ned 2, 17 h.

broadcast missed?
Do not worry;

Preparations are necessary because you do not just drive through Sahara. Our driver experienced that. If you get too excited and start impetuosly you immediately get stuck. Luckily help was provided. Thus, getting to know our vehicle and drive it with soft but compelling was the lesson. Our driver had understood this and managed to get our< ambulance through the loose sand driving. Congratulations

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You can always turn in cubes where you got the cube.
But we want to make something special out of it.

All of us with our (full) cube(s) to:
Cactus Oase.
Jongemanssteeg 6,
7261 KA Ruurlo
between 11 and 17 o'clock.

Then we can together enjoy the growth of the heap of cubes and a Gambiabn happening with a Samen kunnen we dan genieten van het groeien van de stapel kubussen en een Gambiaanse happening with a playful and informative programme, tasting drinks and food, a Wheel of Fortune,Gambian cloathes, and all sorts of activities.

Give yourself and others that pleasure.  For the upcoming holidays we have special gifts for sale.

Are you coming to Gambia?

Manifestation in Zutphen on September 4, 2011

more pictures?

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No, twice hurray, but also pffffff

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The first ambulance!!!

It's great!

We've got an ambulance from the Flemish Red Cross department Sint Niklaas.

Rita and Paul, two wonderful people who are working as volunteers for the Flemish Cross, had to dispose of their written-off ambulance. There were already several people looking to buy it, but especially Rita, had no good feeling about it.

Patrick, a cousin of Marcel, heard about this and asked them if they would like to donate the ambulance to Gamrupa. We could come and check it out, said Paul and Rita.

And so it came that we now have a beauty of an ambulance. Hinke and I had come to Belgium and had also invited Jan Huizinga from the Foundation Go for Africa to come and look.

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Danceevening for Gambia

The foundation Gamrupa wants to set up a health insurance fund in Gambia.
Do you want a great day, great dancing, and also contribute your part to this good cause? Saturday 21 May is your chance!
'Room to Move' plays music from 15 to 22 o'clock.

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The cubes are ready


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Gambiaday and Afrikaday

Gamrupa participates actively.  Wij are present and take actively part in all activities.

Friday 15 april: evening in the Boerderijcamping De Kreitsberg in Zeeland.  This is an informal evening with the organization of the Gambia Day with guests from Gambia, all particular initiatives, sponsors, and interested parties.

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Who was taking about holidags?

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Support a child, pay their school money.

We support 12 children with school and everything it takes.


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In the women's garden the necessary vegetables for the population (read women) are grown. The harvest is sold collectively at the small vegetable market (Marceo) in the middle of the village. From the proceeds new plants of seed are purchased and the garden maintained.

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An old bus from Ellens company was transported by ship (an expensive job) loaded with spare parts for this and other cars.
After having been completely refurbished it has served 5 more years as a school bus, regular service bus, party bus, and when necessary ambulance. It is now worn out and should be replaced. But we have no money.

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Workgroup Gamrupa becomes a foundation

26 May the "Foundation Gamrupa Europe" was established.

The workgroup consisted of only two people, Ellen Meulenveld and Hinke the Klerck, with their families and associates. They were engaged in small-scale development projects in the West African country Gambia, that lies on the banks of the river with the same name which runs through Senegal..

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Help for Siffoe

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Ellen Medenvcend, a Dutch woman, last Saturday made a donation of five hundred Euros to the people of Siffoe, through the Rural Poor Association of The Gambia, at a presentation ceremony held at the Siffoe Health Centre in Kombo South.

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Lamin Camara, one of our board members in The Gambia now has his own taxi.

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On Wednesday January 27th 2010 Ellen, Gerrit and Hinke made a trip to Kafuta to look how the onionfarm had grown since 2 years. We got permission to look for ourselves and drove around the large complex. The earth is good, water is the problem, which they pump up from many meters deep. A hugh number of boreholes is planted around and water reaches the plant by long watering arms. At the outside women work in a greenery , they are paid for their work and can buy their vegetables there. Cabbage, tomatoes, paprika and that sort of things.

We develop nobody!
People develop themselves!
But we support development!