Become a volunteer

Do you feel something for volunteering? Are you interested in thinking along on the projects? Are you good at making contacts? Or are you rather interested in getting your hands out of your pockets?

Do you want to do a one time job or do you want to join the enthusiastic group? Everything is possible, and everyone is welcome with its possibilities and limitations. Both in our group in The Netherlands and in Belgium.


Administration: Maintaining mailings, preparation and monitoring of subsidy dossiers, creating reports, tracking information.

Creative writing and more: articles for newspapers, magazines and website, PowerPoint presentations, flyers, posters, mailings, developing and distribution of all kinds of promotional material.

Making personal contacts, man our stand op markets, contacting sponsors.

Working with your hands: pick up goods, build stands, mailings, distribute and retrieve our savings cubes.

Thinking and planning: organizing events, thinking and cooperating with the organization.

We want to create an internship for a student in higher education or university to examine how large the support for the health care fund actually is in the five villages for which it is intended. How the arrival of the ambulance and the maternity clinic influences the preparedness to pay. A thorough investigation will take about three months, of which a large part in The Gambia.

For The Netherlands:
For Belgium:

We develop nobody!
People develop themselves!
But we support development!