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IBAN/SEPA number : NL24RABO0147964490
Gamrupa Europe in Vorden, Netherlands

The tax authorities have recognized the Institution Gamrupa Europe as ANBI.

This is a public benefit institution, with effect from 4 September 2008. It is a recognition for an indefinite period, but the tax authorities can check weather we (still) meet the conditions.

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Donations to recognized cultural institutions or charities are tax deductible.

Also donations to Gamrupa Europe are tax deductible.

For The Netherlands:

If you make a donation (once or periodically) to a charitable institution you may on your tax return subtract this from your income.

Gamrupa Europe is recognized as a charitable institution and therefore satisfies this condition.

Gamrupa Europe will if desired send you a tax certificate for your donation.  It is intended primarily for yourself.  Keep it available for the tax authorities for five years.

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For Belgium:

If your donations come to minimum € 40,00 per calendar year and are made to recognized institutions, you may indicate it in your tax return, and 45% of the amount will be deducted from the tax.  Only donations to recognized institutions give right to tax credit. 

For an association or institution from another member state of the European Economic Area it must be an association or institution which is equivalent to a recognized Belgian association or institution and that is recognized in that other member state.

Gamrupa Europe is a recognized association in The Netherlands and complies with this directive.

Gamrupa Europe will if desired send you a tax certificate for your donation.  You should not submit it with your tax return, but you must keep it available for the tax administration.

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