Ellen in front of her house
Kalifa beliefs it again

Today the compound in our country is so far that my family can finally live here. Tonight the wise men of the mosque together with all their friends and relatives from the village and the distant environment will come to inaugurate the house and of course enjoy a small feast meal.

In order to prepare the feast meal Kalifa has borrowed a goat from a neighbor to slaughter, because all of our goats are pregnant and the little ones are too small to eat. The neighbor will get two young goats back, so he is definitely compensated in a good manner.

The land has been planted with sweet corn, sorel (similar to spinach), onion, ladyfinger (okra), bitter green tomatoes and other vegetables, and the rest is planted with pee nuts. It will make a difference that they from now on live there, so that the monkeys no longer climb over the wall and eat the plants. But also that the goat can be chased away from our young growth.

So you see, slowly but surely the projects come to a point where they are visible and tangible, and continue to grow and flourish, though there is still a lot of time and money needed to plan for everything that has to be achieved.




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