Farm Boubacar Diallo

Products from the farm Those of us, who know more about Gamrupa, might wonder what happened to Bouba, the young man from Sene­gal, who wanted to be a chicken farmer, bought cows which turned out to be bulls and got all kinds of bad luck imaginable.
Bouba is allright and he sends you his regards.  The somewhat shy young man of 25 grew out to be a self-­conscious person cherish­ing a dream and a vision how to make this dream come true.

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Greeting from Boubacar - de koeien van Bouba, goed he

In 2003, Ellen en Gerrit met the waiter Boubacar Diallo in a restaurant where they often went for diner. He is Senegalese but, as so many; he came to the Gambia to find work. He has a dream. He is dreaming of livestock farming as his father has been in earlier days. To settle his family with his two children, to be able use the farm land that is his property is. In 2005, he begins to grow trees.

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Naturally we should also consider the inner man, and in the evening Ellen and Gerrit go out for a cozy dinner. Lovely sitting on a terrace and enjoying the cheerful environment.
In 2003 they got to know the waiter Boubacar Diallo from Senegal.

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