Continuous education

The rainwater tank is cementedIn december 2012, two masons from our village, Saigu en Ibrama, have been to Guinee Bissau to be trained in building watertanks.

Because of the good results training was subsequently given in Sifoe, and 12 masons from The Gambia were schooled in building of these watertanks.

The watertanks are suitable for collecting rainwater and keep it for a long time. Gamrupa Europe contributed the financial resources, and Paul Akkerman from De gevulde waterkruik directed the training.

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As more and more students are sponsored by individuals or organisations, more achieve their 12th grade.  That increases the competition on the labor market, and the students want a continuous education, vocational training or even university.

Depending on the choice and the costs Gamrupa Europe looks whether one promising student can follow a continuous education for a maximum of two to three years.  In such cases agreements are made as to expected performance.

Gamrupa has also in some cases supported vocational training.  A farmer has followed agricultural school, see Bouba.  A number of masons have been trained to build rainwater tanks, see Water tank builders.  One member of the board of GamRuPa The Gambia now follows an IT education with the aim of improving communication with Europe, but also with the possibility to do commercial IT work.  And two young women shall complete this school year their education as nurses.  One can then work in the medical post, the other want to go to England of The Netherlands in order to expand her knowledge.  Then back to The Gambia, get married, and earn a share of the household income.

Laptop explanation for Lamin CamaraLamin Camara, chairman GamRuPa The Gambia, now with the support of Gamrupa Europe follows a course in information technology.  One goal of this training is to prepare to communicate elec­tronically within Gam­rupa.

Ellen presented Lamin Camara with a laptop, an essential tool for the course, during a working visit to The Gambia.

Read here about the working visit.

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