Laptop explanation for Lamin CamaraLadmin Camara overwhelmedWe have only been two and a half days in The Gambia, but it seems like twelve.  So many hugs, handshakes, so many "glad to see you agains."

It is nice summer weather to around 33 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, but cooling to sleeping temperature without fan or air conditioning.

We need some time to acclimatize, to get used to different food, to search for real thin beer glasses instead of thick mugs, mustard glasses, or vases.  Yet the work has already begun.  Ladmin Camara, the chairman, made his appearance in our hotel.  Hinke handed him on behalf of Gamrupa Europe a laptop with complete accessories and programs, so that he can complete his computer course and website training.  February 6 is the conclusion of the first part of his training.

Normally Ladmin Camara is never word shy.  On many occasions he is the verbose spokesman.  Now he was speechless, did not go beyond wauwww, wauwww!  Oh, it is complete with this, and also this!  He changed color, which for us is always a wonderful experience, he turned black from happiness.

We looked after him when he proud as a peacock left for his computer class, sure to have the possibility to do his homework.  And we are happy and ensured of a better and more direct communication on the progresses in The Gambia.

We develop nobody!
People develop themselves!
But we support development!