At Sifoe (Gambia) apart from different lower baisc schools, an Upper Basic School, stately built, arrived. Immediately, a senior secondary school was constructed in addition, so that schooling could take place between grade 1 till grade 12 within village boundaries. Quite a progress, because under these circumstances young people need not move for their basic, secondary or higher education toward Brikama or Serrakunda.

It all too soon appeared that either quite a lot of young people were not qualified for an advanced theoretical training or parents or others were unable to assemble tuition. Many of them left Sifoe in order to test their luck elsewhere. A solution to offer these young people a future within their own country imposed itself. A schooling, in order to suggest to them their proper revenue is just one possibility.

According to general opinion, seconded by the youth movement Young People Without Borders (YPWB), resulted from GamRuPA (The Gambia) and founded by Kalifa Kanteh, a skill centre should be installed.
Assisted by the VDC (City Council) , a stretch of land was found at the other side of the road alongside the Lower Basic School. The Danish organization Children Without Borders, helped with the construction of the wall around the grounds and together with Gamrupa Europe as well as some others a building was constructed. Within it started in 2014 the initial training for barber and tailor and in 2015 an administrative one involving the use of pcs. Practical training possibilities, allowing young Gambians to survive in the end..
Next the arrival of technical trainings was considered and again assisted by Gamrupa Europe and Children Without Borders but also by means of the financial donations from the community two more rooms were started. The latter are completed and will have to be arranged as (learning)workplaces for technical trainings. First carpentry and metallurgy, later on masonry and furniture manufacturing.

Call for tools
In this case, tools are required and this is precisely what Foundation Gamrupa is looking for. They would like to place a call to all able to support and who love Gambia.

It has to be noted that no computer driven tools can be used (yet), but a small lathe and miller would be marvelous. Also a good saw is crucial as hand tools are needed at any moment. During the lessons, appropriate articles will be manufactured in order to sell or shores will be executed.
Some buildings will have to be added, where teachers and students may get together, trainees may be accommodated , and further developments and learn directions may be achieved. Projects to carry out a training for painting and roofing are present, but for the time being, financial means are lacking .

Foundation Gamrupa
In short, we intend in this way to offer a possibility to young people from Sifoe and its area to attend a full training so that in future they may construct their proper lives, independently or in groups. YPWB will remain in charge and thus implicate young people into matters such as management and direct. Obviously assisted by Gamrupa.

Like to contact Foundation Gamrupa? This is possible through the website.

We develop nobody!
People develop themselves!
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