Healthcare in a different way

It is the official policy of the Gambia to provide a health care worker and midwife in all villages with over 400 inhabitants and train them to provide basic health care.  However, the country does not have the means to realize this. When Ellen Meulenveld first came to Sifoe there was no medical care in and around the village.

In order to get the necessary health care, the population of Sifoe therefore took an initiative, supported by Gamrupa, to renovate a run-down building and set it up as a medical clinic. This medical clinic was provided equipment that was largely brought from Europe in containers. Gamrupa then planned to set up a health care fund for Sifoe and four neighboring villages. The health care fund should employ a doctor, an analyst and five nurses. However, for a number of reasons Gamrupa has had to put the health care fund on hold.

From medical clinic to health care center

The foundation now focuses on expanding health care in Sifoe, build a maternity clinic and maintain an ambulance service in order to get to a reasonable health care for the entire population.
The population takes part through much volunteer work.   Currently Gamrupa is building a maternity clinic by the medical clinic, and the opportunity is used to improve the sanitary installations of the medical clinic.  It is also the plan to generate electricity through solar energy.

We develop nobody!
People develop themselves!
But we support development!