Medical clinic

See also: Gambia, het verhaal: Medische posten

Ellen was asked if they could build a small hospital in the village. She has rejected this absolutely. Of course, there is the need to provide medical assistance, also in Sifoe. Of course, there is need for a medical post. But during her frequent visits she has well looked around, and she has seen the beautiful initiatives of many people from the North. With or without financial support, beautiful small and larger hospitals have been built. But if she came back a few years later, she found that such a hospital, was not, not more, or only partially in use. She wondered about that until she talked it over with someone from the city of Farafenni, the North Bank, deep in the country. He was explaining to her that there is a beautiful, fully ready hospital in Farafenni. It is in use for a very small part, quite simply because there are no doctors who want to work there or wants to be stationed over there. So Gamrupa Europe ultimately decided to completely renovate a building that was built years ago by an other group but completely damaged. There is a small medical center now for only basic medical care. People in the Netherlands were found to sponsor it. The work of the renovation is done by the villagers and there is further thought on how to finance the whole permanently.This is done by means of the "health insurance" but that immediately leads to an other project that is still in the starting process.


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The first step in planning

Our governance in Gambia is fortunately not quiet. On January 29, we received an email from Alhadgie Gassama, the chairman of the VDC (Village Development Committee). It was a number of annexes to the budget for the further expansion of the Health Centre.

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