Gamrupa Europe – Belgium

was on 19/7/2011 recognized as a de facto association.

Ouradministratief adres: Loverdal 28, 1910 te Kampenhout.

Marcel Simons: chairman


You can reach us on:

mail: info.belgium@gamrupa .org

tel: +32 (0)485 58 20 08

Account: IBAN: BE59 9730 3248 4526
Gamrupa Europe – Belgium
Loverdal 28
1910 Kampenhout - Belgium


Gamrupa Europe - Belgium

Our vision on development cooperation and how we want to do it:

Together with the inhabitants of the villages near Sifou, we try, in consultation, to achieve THEIR plans and ideas in the fight against poverty. Together with the (work) force, vision, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit of the locan population and our suggestions, knowledge from our culture, with possible financial and material assistance we come to projects that offer views of the future.

The request for assistance must come from the population itself, because help that is imposed does not work or work incorrectly.

We cannot change anything, but we can lend a hand and listen to the local population. In this way initiatives are created that takes local needs into account. This is the best guarantee for lasting change.

The projects we support must fit into the environment of the local population and not damage the environment. The purpose of each project should be to offer a more dignified existence to the community. To ensure that there is sufficient food and drink, education and health for all and all this at affordable prices.

In this way we also contribute to the Millennium Development Goals.

Every project we start should be self-financing. We continue to monitor our projects, and we ask regularly reports over the operation and progress of our projects.

Goods are only sent if there are not available or too expensive, even here a clearly defined question must be submitted by the local population.

We develop nobody!
People develop themselves!
But we support development!

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