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Gamrupa Europe was started as a private initiative of Ellen Meulenveld. After Ellen had been in the Gambia, for holidays, she was impressed by the large needs of the people. By chance she went to the village Sifoe. There she felt a warm welcome in the compound of the family Kanteh. She bought a plot of land and dug a water put, then a wall around the plot of land was made and she built a large compound for the family and for all the members of the family of Kalifa Kanteh.
It was her study for the ever-expanding projects that gradually came up. She asked and received help from her parents Pieter and Hinke the Klerck and later on from Marcel Simons, who is living in Belgium. Because there was so much work to be done, and also more projects started, we decided that we had to create a Foundation:" Stichting Gamrupa Europe" (Foundation Gambian Rural Poor Association Europe).

We choose specifically for Gamrupa Europe because there has been shown interest from Belgium, Denmark and even Italy, for the projects of Gamrupa. In short, what started out as a small development project for one family, grew from a variety of small-scale projects, in particular, aimed at the population of Sifoe. The Board members of Foundation Gamrupa Europe are:
Ellen Meulenveld, who is President. Hinke the Klerck, Secretary and Treasurer, and Marcel Simons, who takes care after all the work and contacts in Belgium as well as the website.

Our motto is:
we can not develop men, which can only the man in question himself.

We can sometimes provide guidance or a small contribution. But when it comes, the will of the people in the Gambia itself can only develop themselves and, therefore, will be able to learn for themselves, practice for themselves and execute for themselves by doing it by themselves.

We develop nobody!
People develop themselves!
But we support development!