Market hall

Reconstruction communal and common market at Sifoe, Kombo South District, West Coast region, The Gambia.

The market hall makes up the social core of Sifoe and its broad surroundings. Here, social life mainly takes place, gatherings, discussions, receptions but also buying and selling of crops from one’s proper garden, bred chickens and goats, caught fish.

Women meet every day at the common sales spot, in order to trade their vegetables, fish and meat and to discuss matters and exchange data. To this end, they use existing (concrete or wooden) tables.

The amount of women selling confirm there is little space. The daily market changes its saleswomen every time. Others have to sale at home, which makes it a lot tougher to find buyers.

The available construction is too small, dangerous and not hygienic. The roof leaks or has disappeared, supporting beams cannot hold the pressure any longer, goods are necessarily traded on wooden shelves and the low surrounding wall is insufficient to stop perambulating animals (dogs, monkeys, goats).

The new construction will offer to a doubled amount of saleswomen a safe place : roofed, offering shadow and consequently cool. The merchandise can be exposed, sold and bought under acceptable circumstances : hygienic, safe to animals. .

This market at Sifoe turns out to be very important to the surroundings, since Sifoe is situated at 12 km from the local head offices at the west of Gambia.